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The Dumbest Lawsuits Ever.

Only ten percent of lawsuits end up in court. Besides the cases which are settled outside of court by both parties coming to an agreement, the rest are just tossed away. Even so, it doesnt mean some frivolous ones do not eventually slip through. Even though there have been crazy cases in court, there are some which are on the extreme. Some people will file a lawsuit because they are bad at math, they cannot read or just that they have failed to function as adults. The lawyers who deal with such deserve a medal. Universal Studios was sued because of the clients was too scared. The woman went to the studio looking for spooky fun. If you follow the events at Universal Studios then the Halloween Horror Nights that happens every year is not a new thing to you. It is all about epic proportions of horror at a glorified haunted house. When you attend the party, there are creeps, gore and even murderers who will be there to scare you. Whether the woman chose to ignore that piece of information or not is still up for guess but she ended up getting scared to death with her granddaughter at one of these parties. The duo did not get hurt but a Leatherface actor made them go to court. She said a $15,000 compensation would help with the nightmares she was getting. The judge was not having it and the case was tossed out with a demand for her to purchase a nightlight.

If you thought suing God was impossible, there is someone who has been there and done that and he was also the Nebraskan senator who had had it with natural disasters. He said it was because of proximate and direct causes of God that earthquakes, fearsome floods, tornado, plagues, and floods. This mans fury did not just end there because he urged for a cease and desist. He wanted everyone to part ways. The senator was completely sane and sober when calling for that. The state has passed laws to reduce the filing of lawsuits that were frivolous and the senator was not happy about that.

If you were old enough to understand what was going on in your surroundings in the 90s then you know about the term jack a**. Apparently, those were the full names of a certain man. He ended up suing the MTV owner for causing chaos in his life. The Jack a** could only be satisfied with ,000,000. The name change was done to alert more people about alcoholism. The chosen slogan id not even bear his name.

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