The Art of Mastering Businesses

Bringing God in Your Business

Business is one of the assignments that God has given to people, and that is why he supports the business. The problem is, there are many people who believed in God until they become businesspeople. God authorizes people to work, but it is wrong to love money. The reason is that money can be obtained righteously, it can also be obtained in an unrighteous way. But the truth is, God wants you to do business, and stay close to him. If you do so, he will bless you, the business you own, your employees and the customers. But how can you stay close to God while you are busy with works? But that is very possible. God has people who are not only spreading the gospel in churches but in business and workplaces too. So, welcoming them is to welcome the voice and the heart of God. They will remind you, the words of God and pray with you, for the challenges and fear your company is experiencing.

In this great time, there are people who are serving God with great zeal. These are the messengers who are finding people in the workplace and share the word of God and pray together. These servants are not after their promotion. They are not looking for the new followers. You will not be asked to offer anything. The only purpose is that you get close to God. They want to remind you and your employees the importance of staying close to God. A lot of business companies have known transformation because of these messengers. Employees, for example. Not all of them are faithful. You have just employed them for their skills, but the hearts of some of them are hard. Some might not be faithful to the responsibilities at work or in their marriages. They have never heard about God. So, if you work with these God’s messengers, those employees’ minds will be renewed. They will know God and get saved. If they experience that chance, then their lives will not be the same again. As a result, your business will grow than ever.

You will not have many things to do, once you invite these people to your workplace. Just the time you will be available that is the time they will come. The other thing is that you can work with them alone, or consider inviting others. Their team is trained to listen along with you and hear what God has to speak into your life, and people with you, and your business. Once you write to them via their websites, they will contact you shortly, regarding this service.

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